Berlin - Leipzig.
11 Positions of Contemporary Photography Concerning Football


In the year of the 2006 football world championship, the J. J. Heckenhauer Gallery presents 11 positions of contemporary photography concerning football. The exhibition highlights particulary the "quotidian" play respectively field, being the field between ancient columns in Rome in a photograph by Grit Schwerdtfeger, the abadoned football field in Tirana by Jens Liebchen or the digital worked football motif by Marc Volk.

In our photographic game the city of Leipzig will be represented by the artists Goeran Gnaudschun, Wiebke Loeper, Frank Maedler, Michael Schaefer and Grit Schwerdtfeger. Berlin is represented by Claudio Hils, Esther Levine, Jens Liebchen, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Sandra Senn, Tobias Trutwin and Marc Volk.