23.09. - 31.10.06

Grit Schwerdtfeger | Distanz 2006

"She always keeps a proper distance. When the Leipzig artist Grit Schwerdtfeger approaches her motifs, then it is with the kind of reserve that is expressed from a safe distance. People and places remain untouched, entirely in their own element. The act of taking a photograph is not an intervention. And especially since she finds the right perspective from a distance, a view of complex situations, social and urban associations, is opened up for us. The long shot is good for every day use.

In her most recent photo series Distanz 2006, Schwerdtfeger concentrates upon places where people spend their leisure time: the beach, the spa, the park, and the observation platform. There is nothing exotic or spectacular about these public spaces in and of themselves, which would make it possible to identify their locations (...). Removed from place and time, scenes take place beneath indeterminate white skies, in settings of muted colors containing people at leisure (...). Most of the time they are standing around, looking, and sometimes they are lobbing a ball. We are familiar with scenes like these, have experienced them ourselves. Aimless moments, without any pressure (...).

Grit Schwerdtfeger departs from documentary terrain and, along with the viewers, remains a part of the world she photographs. Cheerful, melancholy, and frequently laconic, she balances her art on the threshold between anticipation and memory. The results are completely present. This is the time for seeing."

We will briefly publish a catalogue with all photographs from the series "Distanz 2005" and "Distanz 2006" and a text by Kristina Tieke (Germ. / Engl.). You can order the catalogue now and get it for 20 Euro instead of 25 Euro (for all orders until December 15th, 2006). Moreover, there is a special edition of the motif "Steg" (see image above) in the size of 30 x 40 cm and in an edition of 20 copies (320 Euro).