18.08.06 - 20.09.06

Marc Volk
raender rauschen remixed

Through different light exposures and the accentuation of certain details enigmatical and pictorially appearing works are generated, which offer a wide range of possible associations. Not only that the material is not directly recognizable as such, the viewer also probably asks for the origin of the illustrated colours and forms. Automatically, there are stimulated multiple games of thought: in these works seem to be much more illustrated than their figurative elements - perceived at first glance as lines and circles - might suggest. By elevating colour and form to the central subject matters and by surmounting the original function of the negative, Volk queues not only in the tradition of Abstract and Minimal Art, but his works also pay tribute to Niklas Luhman's theory of self-referenciality. Thus, the negative does not have anymore its original function of representing the external world, but is illustrated itself, therefore becoming an artwork itself.