08.10.04 - 17.11.04

Marc Volk | Same Time | Same Place


A possible definition of chaos is simultaneity

Exact observations are always only possible in one place and in one day. The complexity of the world, however, is characterized by the fact, that everything happens simultaneously and therefore can't be observed precisely. Moreover, the observer modifies himself the chosen situation, for example through the selection of his observing instruments. This is why the observer should be observed as well while one judges the situation observed. The system theory calls this method observation of the second order, that means, that observations are observed. The perspectivism shows the deficiency of the immediate observations (first order). This is why, for example, there are always discrepancies in testimonies which describe the same act, because the observations are taken from different points of view. Moreover, these comparisons create further mistakes which are also called blind dots. These blind dots allude to the construction of reality. Photography is a medium which is able to transform the chaos of simultaneity in a coexistence. In this manner, shots simultaneously taken can be referred directly to each other, allowing a calm observation. Seeing is comparing! With the help of photography, observations of the second order can be taken, amplifying the perception and thereby the image from the world. In photography, the perspectivism is visible, for example when an event is photographed from different points of view in the same moment. On the other hand, it allows the observation of simultaneous observations, 'freezing' them for the viewer. The work "Same Time|Same Place" deals with two essential aspects of the observation of the second order:

1. An event is observed at the same time from different points of view.

2. An observer observes simultaneously different events.

In this work, situations are chosen which clarify the brisance of the impossibility of an objective observation (for example crime, accident and so on). Therefore, I go to public places which, due to their size and their bustle, can be used as metaphors for the chaos of the world.From an upper point of view, an orientation photograph is taken, serving as a starting material for extract aggrandisements and showing different single scenes, which, indeed, have taken place simultaneously, but can be perceived only through the side by side photography. Furthermore, special situations on these places (crime, accident and so on) are taken at the same place from different points of view. The photographs are then presented as wall installations (at least 6 pieces per situation). Eventually, I do little digital modifications in order to clarify the subjective construction.

Marc Volk (Translation by Contanze Korb)