12.03.04 - 15.05.04

Olga Chernysheva | Zone of Happiness

The series "Anabiosis" or "Fishermen-Plants" (2000) show Russian ice fishers and winterised sculptures. The photographs are colour prints taken from black and white negatives. "Anabiosis" has been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Other works from Chernysheva can be seen in international collections, for example at the Albertina in Vienna or at the MoMa in New York.

"Photography and life are of a similar nature; photos of light are their origin. During Anabiosis the process of photosynthesis is halted and life comes to a standstill. In Olga Chernysheva's view, anabiosis, or sleep even more so, is the image of Russia. Sleep is mutation of time, a transition to another phase. In this sense, her studies of nature do nothing other than address the mystery of being, the fate of objects, people or whole countries. Discovering the future is only possible through a careful study of the present, through discrete images of objects. Chernysheva's photographs present the world in a state of peace and quiet, prior to the explosion of history, when events are clearly distinguishable in the present and not compounded by time, when every image is a valuable unit serving to measure a life and epoch."

Tatiana Salzrin

The series "Waiting for a miracle" (2000), which shows Russian women's hats, referring to their competition in knitting, sparkles a colourful picture.