26.08.05 - 28.09.05

Wiebke Loeper | An die Schwestern des Carl Moeglin


Carl Moeglin, the youngest of four children, left Wismar in poverty in 1854. Just after his confirmation he set sail as a shipboy. After 5 years he landed in Australia, where he bought a property, found gold and made a fortune. His unmarried sisters followed him from Wismar to Australia. Ever since the early death of Carl Moeglin they sent paintings, which they had commissioned, as well as exotic objects, to

Wismar, to report about the new and foreign world: from a Chinese vase to a stuffed kangeroo.

Wiebke Loeper has been discovering Wismar, a town to which she feels especially connected since her childhood, intensely during the past years, often simply by walking and watching. In her work she describes a process of transformation, which allows Wismar to shrink back to its medieval centre.