10.09.04 - 06.10.04

Wiebke Loeper | Mitte - Berlin 2003/2004

"The themes of the photographer Wiebke Loeper (*1972), who was born in Eastern Berlin always circle autobiographical questions. Photography has been the medium for her to not only reflect her own family background and her own identity, but also to get a hold on it.

Therefore the photographs seem to develop into an evidence for the past and for lived life.

Out of conscious perception of her home which has been in constant development arouse her new series “Berlin – Mitte“ which throws it‘s perspective over the present into the future.

The photographer again asks, by using the camera, the world about it‘s legitimacy and hopes to be able to interpret time through photographic documentation. Berlin, as well, is searching for its identity. Possibilities and potential face insecurity and dreams. These dynamics stand equally for the individual as for the city.“

(Claudia Stein)