Franz Lazi | Photography

Architectural, design and advertising photography of the Fiftees

Franz Lazi

Edition J. J. Heckenhauer, Tuebingen/Berlin, 2003.

With texts by Manfred Schmalriede and Ian Jeffrey (German/English). 84 pages with 70 b/w and 4 colour illustrations by Franz Lazi. Linen. Thread stitching.

EUR 38,-

ISBN 3-9806079-6-8.

The first 50 copies are available as special edition with a limited estate print by Franz Lazi in a handmade clothbound box by Froehlich binding, Stuttgart.

The following motifs are available:

15 x 'Willi Baumeister at the easel', 1948/ 2003

10 x 'Watering can IGL Design', 1955/ 2003

13 x 'Spools of thread', Guetermann, 1955/ 2003

12 x catalogue cover "How to live", chair design: Jens Risom/ Walter Knoll; table design: Egon Eiermann, 1949/ 2003

price for special edition incl. 1 print of your choice

EUR 480,-