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Fotografien von Flohmärkten in Berlin und St. Petersburg zeigt diese Präsentation. Nadja Kuznetsova wurde 1960 in Rußland geboren und lebt heute als freischaffende Fotokünstlerin in St. Petersburg. Ihre Arbeiten sind charakteristisch für die St. Petersburger Fotografie der späten 90er Jahre und stark von den Werken sogenannter "Kunstfotografen" - wie unter anderem Aleksander Kitajev und Borys Smielov - sowie von der regionalen Konzeptkunst beeinflußt.

TopDrei, 11. Februar 2006

The Chemist-Artist

Nadja Kuznetsova is a graphic artist who paints on photographic paper with a brush during the laboratory process. The philosopher and critic Valery Savchuk from St. Petersburg believes that her work contains elements of pre-analogue photography, such as photograms.

Kuznetsova's works involve a light-sensitive carrier, i.e. chemistry; light, however, is substituted by the artist’s brush. Man's creative principle replaces the natural (or divine) principle, giving rise to a photo-performance; the result baffles the viewer because of the resemblance that it bears to traditional photography. On the one hand, this resemblance is due to the similarity that bears the photographic paper to a black-and-white print in texture, structure and color. On the other hand, it is due to the artist's working process: she works with photochemistry as if it was water-color, using the wet and the à la prima technique; her brush produces cityscapes that are similar to Chinese calligraphic drawings, Italian mountains, and black-and-white photographic images realized in the tradition of classical landscape photography with a touch of pictorial generalisation.

(Irina Tchmyreva)

Vestnik European, # IX, 2003

IMAGO, #18, 2004