Peter Neusser – Soloshow auf der PARALLEL VIENNA – Multiples – PASSION PART ONE – NATURE und CITIES (VIENNA)

Location 2022: Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37, 1180 Vienna

Wir werden auf der PARALLEL VIENNA die Multiples von Peter Neusser vorstellen, insbesondere seine Arbeiten PASSION PART ONE – NATURE, aber auch die Werke zum Burgtheater.

PARALLEL VIENNA presents young and emerging as well as established artistic practices and brings together art initiatives of every kind – art associations, galleries, project spaces, off spaces and artist spaces – , both Austrian and international, all under one roof. It thus combines local artistic creation with international trends and contributes to building networks and fosters exchanges between artists, curators, collectors and exhibition visitors.
PARALLEL VIENNA is a hybrid between art fair, exhibition platform and artist studio. It unites exhibitions made by commercial galleries (GALLERY STATEMENTS — each with a solo presentation of an artist),
As a curated art fair participation is upon invitation by the curatorial team only.