Sergii Chaika


The last cycle of works of SergiI Chaika is related to the recent past of the Soviet era, but the author may not be blamed forthe nostalgic flush of passion to the past. He does not idealize it, but rather invites to a serious conversation and appears as a modern curator and moderator of serious understanding on the background of cultural degradation of contemporary left-liberal discourse and postmodern.

He takes the simplisticmaterial of visual archive of photographs and cinematographic film as the underlying storyline and like Marcel Duchamptransfers it to the exhibition space before the observer, who does not even remember the visual row of mass-media of the 50s of the previous century.

As an artistand cultural expert, Chaika insists on deliberate attention to this era, when a man was the one of integrity and hoped for glittering future. Duchamp with his object “R Mutt” indicated the urinal directions of the Western culture, draft to individualism, rebel of the body, radically anticipating youth rebel of the 60s and pop-culture, so surely capturing art scene of modernity, which is occupied by fashionable curators, which imitate the western trend as a carbon-copy in the third world.

Chaika addresses times of his childhood, and that is habitual not only for himbut to other elderly and eminent artists of modern Ukraine, as Ilya Kabakov, Igor Kopystianskyi, Andriy Sagaydakovskyi, Sergei Geta, Sergei Sherstyuk. They all are the best representatives of Ukrainian and world modern art of older generation, and Sergii Chaika venerably carries on the tradition.

Nikolai Filatov

Biography / Biographie

Sergii Chaika was born 1978 in Ternopil / Ukraine. He received his postgraduate doctoral studies ( PhD) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland and Lives and works in Krakow and Ternopi. In 2020 he had the defense of his doctor’s thesis with the title „Silence and Violence“. Chaika studied from 1996-2001 at the Faculty of Graphic Design, College of Fine Arts in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. From 2002-2004 he studied at the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. In 2018 he received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

Sergii Chaika 1978 in Ternopil / Ukraine geboren, hat von 1996-2001 an der Fakultät für Graphik Design in Uzhgorod, Ukraine studiert und von 2002-2004 an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, in Krakau (Polen), wo er auch sein PhD Studium 2018 absolvierte. In 2018 erhielt er den Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

Solo Shows / Einzelausstellungen:

2021 POSITIONS mit J.J.Heckenhauer – Berlin

2018 „Socialist culture“ and „Masks“ JJ Heckenhauer gallery, Munich

2018 „Socialist culture“, Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 „Masks“, Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 „War and Peace“ ,Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2010 „Widokówki“, BWA Olkusz, Poland (catalogue)

2009 „Previous work“, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

2008 „Iternal flame“, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

2006 „Pushkin“, Yakut gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 „Postcards“, Otwarta Pracownia  gallery, Krakow, Poland

2004 „Independence Day“, Atelier Karas  gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003 „CO2“, Atelier Karas  gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2002 „Flyaki“, Dzyga  gallery, Lviv, Ukraine (catalogue)

Group exhibitions / Gruppenausstellungen

2018 „Preparing for Darkness“, Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany

2017 „Immanence“, Pictura Groningen, The Netherlands

2016 „Neue Sachlichkeit“, BSAgallery,Bremen, Germany 

2015 „Exhibition from collection of MFMSW“, The National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2014 „12“ Exhibition from collection of Małopolska Foundation for a Contemporary Art Museum, Kunsthalle Koszyce, Slovakia

2013 „New Russian Realism“, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

2012 Charity Auction in support of Natalia Samkova, Guelman gallery, Moscow, Russia